If we cannot add days to the life of a child,
we will add life to their days.

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As a nonprofit, Ladybug House will offer intermittent stays to families who are caring for their children with life challenging illnesses so they can have time for rest and quality time together.  

Ladybug House will have two options for stay: one for the entire family and the other for the child to stay solo. Ladybug House will be an option beyond the hospital or home environment for end-of-life care offering an extra layer of support. 

Ladybug House will consist of an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, specially trained pediatric staff, and volunteers who provide 24/7 loving care and support.

This care will be provided with no out of pocket cost to the family.

Family moments don't end because visiting hours are over.

Ladybug House is actively making a difference in people's lives.

You can make a difference!

Ready to take the next step? Participate by becoming a community partner and supporter by donating financially or by volunteering your services — or simply by spreading the word.