If we cannot add days to the life of a child, we will add life to their days.


As a nonprofit, the goal of Ladybug House is to build and operate a freestanding community-based Palliative Care Home based in Seattle. We will offer free end-of-life care to children and young adults with life-limiting illnesses and support for their families in a homelike setting. We will be an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, support staff, and volunteers who provide 24/7 care and support.

Our Story

Read our founder's story and discover why we exist, how we approach palliative care, and what we can accomplish with the help from our community.

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How you can help?

Ready to take the next step? Participate by becoming a partner or volunteer, by donating financially or your donate your services — or simply by spreading the word.

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We are so honored to be featured in DList Magazine's Winter 2014 Issue. Thank you, DList, for believing in LBH!

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