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March 2017

Some families park RVs at Seattle Children's Hospital. 

A long hospital stay for a child can mean long commutes for a family.

Think about a time you have been stuck in Seattle traffic. Now imagine you are trying to get to the hospital, where your child is waiting for you.

She's bored. Lonely. Depressed. Scared, even.
When they should be enjoying time with their children, too many families are busy calculating: How much is gas or bus fare? How long will it take me to get back? What will I miss if I take too long?
For some families, a daily commute is impossible.
They stay at hotels or friends' houses. Others park RVs in the Seattle Children's parking lot. Many sleep in stiff chairs next to their child's bed or on bedrolls on the hospital floor.

Families caring for children with life-limiting illnesses are families displaced.

They deserve more. They deserve a place that can offer comforts of home as well as excellent professional care for their children. They deserve a place where they can focus all their energy on being parents. 

Donate to Ladybug House . We want to be that place.

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We have a plan.

Our community has the resources.

Together we can build Ladybug House.

With gratitude,
Suzanne Gwynn
Founder, Ladybug House 

suzanne olympia gov mansion
Founder Suzanne Gwynn at the Governor's Mansion in Olympia, WA
We met fantastic people at the Symposium of the Puget Sound Oncology Nursing Society (PSONS), where we shared our vision for improved access to pediatric palliative care. We are so grateful to have been invited!

We also visited the Governor's Mansion in Olympia for the 4th Annual Legislative Reception, sponsored by Washington Nonprofits. It was inspiring to be in a room with so many other nonprofit leaders.

We may not all be working on the same projects, but we have one goal: to help our community! We are honored to be counted among them.

March 27
We are teaming up again with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - Washington/Alaska Chapter to bring you an inspiring and powerful conversation about palliative care for children and young adults.

Erin K. Harper, Psy. D will present on how this care is different, and how caregivers can help improve access. The presentation will be educational and rewarding for caretakers of all kinds: families, students, parents, nurses, doctors and care providers.

Location: Swedish Cherry Hill Conference Room
Free and open to the community. No registration needed.
More information 

March 26
We're excited to volunteer at this annual event and cheer on the thousands of participants climbing the Columbia Center to help raise awareness for the fight against blood cancer.
More information 

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Michael began volunteering for Ladybug House after his girlfriend heard our founder Suzanne Gwynn lecture at one of her nursing classes.

She went home, told Michael that he could help and without hesitation he jumped in!

He brings invaluable expertise and an easy going manner to the team. We are so lucky to benefit from his time and talents.

He is currently developing a new game, to be launched soon. We wish him great success with that! Thank you, Michael!


"The Courage To Acknowledge Our Frailty" by Courtney E. Martin


Katy Hull's incredible TED Talk distills perfectly why we need Ladybug House.   



Founder Suzanne Gwynn was quoted extensively in's American Children Deserve a Better Death 

She was also interviewed by KUOW Public Radio , Seattle's NPR member station. Listen to A vision to improve treatment for terminally ill children in Seattle

Thank you to everyone in our community who supports us!
We are 100% volunteer operated.
We receive no government funding or grants.
It takes courage and faith to donate time or funds to us.
Thank you for daring to imagine how we can create a resource that is needed for so many children and their families.

Together we can build it.  

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