Organize an Event


Thank you for choosing to raise funds for Ladybug House.

Gather your community: friends, family, colleagues and team mates to support Washington children and families facing life-threatening illnesses. Host a party, throw a garage sale, hold a sports day, organize a raffle, or put on a poker night!

You can raise awareness and funds for Ladybug House by organizing a fundraising event in your community, school or workplace. No event is too big or too small- every cent helps to support Ladybug House’s mission. We've put together some resources to help you plan your event, but feel free to get in contact with Ladybug House if you need help or advise at any point.

Before you get started:

 1 – Look through the various fundraising page options to ensure the "Organize an Event" option is right for you. To learn more check the FAQs.

 2 – Get top tips and ideas from our Community
Fundraising Guide.

 3 – Any other questions? Email Us at Ladybug House. 

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