Fundraiser Toolkit

The Ladybug House Fundraiser Toolkit has everything you need to make your fundraiser a success. Combining your enthusiasm and our fundraising tools, you can help Ladybug House build Washington’s first palliative care home for children and their families.

Fundraising Tools

We’ve created some great digital resources for you to download and use to help make fundraising fun and easy.


Download LBH graphics and logos to help share the LBH story and let the world know your event is in support of Ladybug House. Include them on your fundraising page, posters or thank you letters.

Before using any of our logos, please review the Ladybug House Brand Guidelines [linked to brand guide].

Social Media Tools


Change your Facebook cover photo to let your friends and family know you’re a Ladybug House Champion.


Add a Ladybug House header photo to your Twitter profile.



Post pics of your event, tag @[LBH tag] and let your followers know you are part of #[Name of Third party fundraising group?].

Example Instagram Images?

[button links to download]


Post your event or pictures as an update on your LinkedIn feed.


    Example LinkedIn Images




Video is a great way to help share the vision of Ladybug House with your supporters. 

[button link to LBH video or YouTube channel]



Ladybug House Information

Share this information with your supporters to let them know about how LBH will impact the community.

LBH Quick Facts
[button link to download]

Blueprint of house or room sketch?
[button link to download]


Celebration Tools

Make your birthday, wedding, anniversary or other special event even more meaningful by including Ladybug House in your celebration.  Create an online “Celebrate Everyday [example]” page and ask family and friends for donations to LBH in addition to, or in lieu of birthday gifts.



Birthday Party Invitation (LBH colors) (print & digital)

LBH Donation Consideration Insert (print & digital)



Resources [tab]:

  • LBH Tax information- W9 
  • Tax benefit – [link to tax benefit calculator]

Forms- 501c3